Why One-Time Website Pricing Doesn’t Exist

You see, when it comes to owning a website, there is ALWAYS recurring costs involved. It doesn’t matter if you have a small 5 page site or a 30 page site. However, most web design companies won’t tell you this. They usually sell you a website for very large price, and forget to mention the ongoing maintenance needed until after the site is launched.

So you end up paying a large up front investment for a brand new website and then either don’t have the budget pay for monthly maintenance, or don’t think you need it because you spent so much on the new site, it shouldn’t need any support or maintenance right?

This is why I don’t believe in one-time website pricing and why I strongly believe in monthly pricing.

What I’ve found over the years is that the number one thing my clients needed the most was someone to maintain their website on a ongoing after it was launched. Things like backend updates (WordPress, themes, plugins, database, PHP), security scans and patches, consistent backups, uptime monitoring, and of course ongoing changes & edits.

These are all things that every website needs, every month – there’s just no way around it.

Most people don’t fully realize or understand the importance (and benefits) of monthly website maintenance.

If potential customers find things wrong when they are visiting your website, they won’t stick around. Most business owners don’t have time to constantly check their website on a consistent basis. So they have no idea if their are any issues, if it’s functioning correctly, or even worse, if it’s down! Imagine if you had potential customers going to your website, and your website was down and you didn’t know it. Not only does that leave the wrong impression, but it could even cost you a new customer / client.

For example – if any part of your website (backend, theme, database, plugins, hosting, etc.) is not consistently updated, it becomes unsecure and very vulnerable to hackers & malware attacks. And if you don’t have consistent backups running, you’d have to redesign and rebuild the entire site from scratch if it were to get hacked or go down!

Believe it or not, this happens very often because most small business websites are not being properly managed. And when this does happen, it’s going to cost you because you basically have to pay for a new site all over again!

Trust me when I tell you that it’s much cheaper to keep up with maintaining your website instead of waiting for something to happen or for it to break.

In addition to that, as your business grows, your website will need to grow with it. That includes making ongoing edits & changes such as adding or removing content, images, create new pages, put special announcements, minor updates to current content, and the list goes on. Unless you are a web designer, you won’t be able to do any of this on your own.

This is why I believe businesses will benefit the most from a flat monthly rate with a very small up front investment. The start up cost is very small and won’t break the bank, and your monthly payment is affordable and predictable (meaning it’s the same every month). You also never have to worry about your website being down or not working, because we build and maintain EVERYTHING for you as well as provide ongoing edits & changes when needed.

Here are some very typical recurring website costs that most people don’t think about and most web design companies won’t tell you up front (this is all included with our flat monthly fee):

Domain Registration & SSL Certificates:  $10 to $100 annually
Themes, Plugins Special Software:  $250 to $1,000 annually
Hosting & Security:  $150 to $500 annually
Ongoing Design & Updates:  $400 to $1,200 annually

Your monthly rate will never change and you’ll never get a surprise random bill or any unexpected fees. The price you see is the price you pay, and that’s out it should be. Our goal is to build a long lasting relationship and help you throughout the life of your website.

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